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Hi there, I'm Lucy.

I'm a London born, Paris based classical singer who loves to cook and travel. My work gives me the opportunity and the time to do both. Yippee. I like to host, and often end up doing so at other people's houses or in bizarrely equipped rental kitchens. I try to use as much seasonal and local produce as possible. My recipes are inspired by my heritage (anglo-american, french and russian by marriage), my travels and my restaurant habit. I eat healthily, but not obsessively. I have a weakness for cakes.  

I can spend hours agonising over what to cook for a dinner party. Literally. Too much free time, you say? Quite possibly. 

But there’s a lot to take into consideration.  


Who’s coming? What season is it? How impressed do I want people to be? Do I want it to look like I’ve made an effort? Are they as fond of zataar as I am? Are there any dietary requirements? Obviously. How many? What’s my budget? How much time do I have? 

It can be paralysing. 

So I started noting down what I made, when, for whom. This blog is a genuine kitchen diary, documenting my culinary adventures at home and further afield. Eventually, I’d like you to be able to find your perfect recipe for any occasion, right here. This will involve a fancy filter search that I haven’t quite figured out yet. But I will. In the meantime, browse the recipes on the site or search for keywords in the box. If you're still stuck, get in touch and we'll figure it out. 

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