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Going bananas


I'm typing this with my little finger in AS' mouth. Being a mere five weeks old, he likes to suck. Especially when I'd prefer to be doing something that involves two hands. Hopefully my laptop, balanced precariously on the arm of the sofa, won't topple on to his head.

Time is now a precious commodity, especially as I rarely know how much I have of it before his next snack/poop/existential crisis. Yesterday he miraculously waited until the final Savasana of my internet yoga class before making a so much as a peep. He's surely a yogi baby.

Enter the ten-minute cake, with an added bonus of some oh so soothing magimix white noise. I whizzed it up this morning between his first 'I'm slightly peckish' whimper and the impossible to ignore, 'milk, now, now, NOW' wail. There's no weighing out of ingredients involved and everything gets blitzed at once in the mixer. Easy peasy in a flash, plus the kitchen smelling scrumptious. Lucky baby.

This is a souped up version of my basic almond banana bread, slightly less virtuous due to the deliciously molten chocolate chips. The batter is still sweetened only with bananas, and is gluten and dairy free. I don't use coconut flour a great deal due to the price tag, but a cup here goes a long way to provide the poufy and pillowy texture. You could substitute with plain flour if you prefer, or use vegetable, rather than coconut oil if that's what you have available.

Whizz, bake and enjoy.

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Banana, coconut and chocolate loaf

Takes 10 minutes, plus oven time

dessert / baking / brunch / gluten free / dairy free / refined sugar free / easy peasy / nothing fancy /party / baby / ready in a jiffy / perennial

This is a moist and extremely moreish loaf. Sweet bananas and melty chocolate with just a hint of coconut. It will keep for several days if you can keep your hands off it for long enough.

* Banana - 4 large, ripe

* Egg - 4 large

* Coconut flour - 1 cup (can replace with plain flour)

* Ground almonds - 1 cup

* Desiccated coconut - 2 tbsp (optional)

* Coconut oil - 3 tbsp (can replace with vegetable oil)

* Cinnamon - 2 tsp

* Vanilla - 1/2 tsp

* Salt - a generous pinch (leave out if cooking for baby)

* Baking powder - 3 heaped tsp

* Dark chocolate - 100g, chopped

1 large loaf tin, greased and floured

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees C.

Place all the ingredients except the chocolate in the mixer and mix until smooth.

Stir in the chopped chocolate.

Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 75 minutes. Cover the cake with tin foil for the last 30 minutes to prevent the top from over browning.

Leave to cool for a few minutes and then turn out of the tin.


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